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Producing Your Own Play :: Theatre Drama Personal Narratives Acting Essays

Producing Your Own Play Recently, two friends and I structured a piece of theatre involving three characters and their journey through life. Throughout the play themes such, alcohol abuse, child abuse, drug addiction and many other themes showing the mental ability as the characters come across hard dissions during their journey through life. The play is about three characters who are faced with many temptations in which all resulting in some sort of addiction and later resulting in the character ending up in a mental hospital. The play is fast moving and perceptive entertains and thought provoking, funny yet ultimately tragic. Throughout the planning of our production we came across a few difficult disicions, one that really stands out in my mind was how to show the audience a sub-consion veiw of the characters thoughts, we wanted to really show the depth of these characters giving the veiwer the ability to understand the characters choices. To enable this we decided to use fiction in certain scenes showing an angel and a devil both giving adive to each indivdual character. We wanted to give the play a theme of 'Black Comedy' this keeping the audience more intreaged. My partners and I decided we could create our own characters, I decided that when my character first enters the play aged 9 years old I wanted to play this child to the best of my ability, I found this difficult at first for I had never played a character who was suffering with child abuse. After thinking about how I would play my character I decided that to give the veiwer a deep insite of my characters thoughts to acomplish this I tried to come across as a very insicure child, growing up with no love or affection in his life, this suggesting I would keep my voice in a quiet pitch and also while my character grows older and discovers he is a free person he still is traped with his father torment constant in his mind, this resulting in him turning into a more visiuos man with a very controversal veiw upon women this veiw growing into an addiction, growing to the ecstent wher the only pleasure was when he would kill women; '' GRABBING EVERY WOMEN IN SIGHT INTO DARK ALLYS LATE AT NIGHT'', in certain scenes we used ryme to give a stronger affect.Later on in the play my character finds himself in a mental hospital, my characters mind was no loger stable and useing very simular insicure body language like when I was a child I tried to give an affet where I was trabbed in my childhood

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Bmw Films Essay

The primary issue faced by Jim McDowell is what to do for his next marketing campaign. He will need to decide what direction BMW will take in order to stay current in the target market and position the brand as the leader in the luxury car industry. A sub issue that Jim is facing is that in order for BMW to stand out compare to the competition, it must be at the forefront of the marketing trend. There is always pressure on innovative marketing campaigns as a bad campaign can lead to severe damage in the company image and reputation. Decision Alternatives. There are a number of alternatives that Jim faces when deciding in what direction to move with the BMW marketing campaign. Develop more short films and build a big series out of it. Develop a full length movie for the theatres Do nothing to the existing campaign and move on to develop a new campaign To continue to use the existing BMW films plus developing a new campaign Creating new films on the heels of the original films plus developing a new campaign Develop a full length movie plus developing a new campaign In order to decide the best alternative it is important to look at some key decision criteria. In this case the important factors would be: delivery time, risk, cost, competitive advantage, ease of implementation. Analysis of Industry In the luxury car segment, BMW and Mercedes have stand strong against the strong competition from Japan like Acura, Lexus, Infiniti. In year 2001, BMW is second best luxury car seller, just behind Lexus amount the other ten major luxury brands. However, BMW only ranked 8th in media expenditures, which again proved the great success on their innovative campaign. In terms of customer loyalty, luxury brand customers do tend to stay among the top brands and are very loyal. There are always customers who switch from BMW to Mercedes or the other way around. Since BMW has the competitive advantage of a younger clientele, it is very important for BMW to create marketing campaign to young adult so they can look forward to own a BMW when they can afford one. Analysis of Company Evaluation of Alternatives Alternative #1, 2, and 3 should only be considered as a short term alternative that can achieve quick beneficial results with no long term prospects because all the alternatives evolve around the same film concept, which eventually will wear out and target audience will not be interested in it anymore. Alternative #4 takes into account with BMW’s long term goal, to be the leader in the industry with innovative campaigns. However, developing a new concept takes time and research before implementation, therefore some immediate alternatives needs to be done before the new campaign kicks in. Alternative #5, 6, or 7 will achieve that goal. Alternative #5 Introduce the BMW films to new markets that may have missed the online films during the campaign period will enable BMW to entice an entirely new segment. By showing the films throughother mediums, BMW will be able to reach a wider audience plus raising the brand awareness. Since this campaign is so successful and unique, BMW can also produce DVD and make itas a collectible item. This alternative is easy to implement, low cost to run, low risk as the campaign is already running with huge success with good reputation. However, other companies may copy the idea and there is a chance that BMW will lose its competitive advantage as the films are getting overly exposed to the original audiences that BMW targeted during the initial campaign period. Therefore, developing another campaign while this is running is necessary in order to achieve BMW’s long term marketing goal. Alternative #6 The other option would be to follow up with another series of films on the heels of the original films. BMW would want to keep the number of films low to try and blend them into the successful original films and not to market them as another series of short films. This alternative will require some time to prepare, and the cost will be much higher in comparison to Alternative #5, which will make it harder as BMW will need more resources in creating a new campaign at the same time. It is easy to implement as all the ground works are in place from the previous films. However, this alternative will have a higher risk than other options due to the high anticipation of BMW to produce high quality films. If any of the film receives negative feedbacks, BMW will risk losing out on the campaign inwhole, plus the reputation of the series. BMW will still keep its competitive advantage with this alternative as they are still the one who leads the marketing trend. Alternative #7 Creating a full length movie can be the next big campaignfor BMW. It is a new approach and will make the brand stand out of all others. The target audience is also much wider in comparison to the initial campaign. It will take a long time to implement, and not as easy as short films because a full length film is more complicated in terms of plot and production. The cost will also go veryhigh that may use up all of BMW’s resources in marketing. It is a two sided sword because if BMW is not placed enough in the film there is no difference in doing product placement in the James Bond movie series; meanwhile if BMW is overly exposed in the film it may create negative feedbacks as it will look like an hour long commercial. The interest level of audience will also be much lower in watching a long commercial than a short film. Decision Criteria Chart Here is the chart for the best 3 alternatives: (X? low score, XXX? high score) Recommendation Based on the analysis above it is evident that the appropriate course of action is to utilize the existing movies in the short term while developing a new full scale marketing plan in the background. By utilizing the existing films BMW will be able to quickly get to market films that they have already completed. They will ride the coat tails of the internet marketing, however by introducing the films to another target markets, BMW will hopefully build on the impact created by the original films. There is relatively low risk to this model because BMW has already invested in the films and by using different mediums to convey their message it is likely that an entirely new market segment will appreciate the films as the original audience did. Although the potential payback may not as great as some off the wall innovative idea, the concept behind releasing the films to a different audience should allow more time and resources to develop another new campaign. If there are enough resources, BMW can also consider creating 1 or 2 more films to avoid losing the competitive advantage toward the target audience.

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Native Americans Use Storytelling not Written Language

In the tradition of Native American culture, there is no custom of written records of personal life or tribal history. Even though they have written language, the major way to record history is by oral storytelling. Those stories focus more about creation time, tribal and family history rather than individual life. Recording autobiography from different Native American tribes is a convention way for anthropologists to preserve the Indian traditions, which gradually decline and lost after Native American contact with Western culture. Moreover, the autobiographies of Native American individuals also fulfill the public curiosity about their culture. Nevertheless, the culture differences create the confusion and misunderstand in the written records. For the people does not familiar, and understand the Indian cosmology, the autobiography provides us as a tool to reveal the secret veil of Native American. In the same time, it leads a certain degree of deduction about the narrator original meaning. Native American in the Central and Southwestern societies fundamentally is based on the idea of collectivism. They relied on foraging and pre-agriculture farming. The political structure and population does not grow into complicate or large quantity. Due to their communities are formed by several small bands, the relationship between tribal members are real close. Most of tribal members are relatives, and everyone knows each other. In the other hand, the hardship of living in wildShow MoreRelatedNative American Paper1353 Words   |  6 PagesNative American Storytelling Paper Rashmi Price ENG/301 August 26, 2013 Dr. Gregory Beatty Native American Storytelling Paper Native American literature is considered by many as the traditional written and oral literature of Native cultures around the world. Many of these literatures are transmitted over periods of time by storytellers. This particular literature has many features that includes a mixture of oral tradition techniques along with tribal mythology. The majorityRead MoreNative American Storytelling Lit Paper1214 Words   |  5 PagesNative American Storytelling November 12, 2012 ENG/301 Native American Storytelling Native American literature is the root of cultural storytelling, which is told through oral tradition, this consist of stories and songs verbally. Native American literature use literary conventions in the root of myth and symbolic examples in storytelling. The book â€Å"Native American Literature: A Brief Introduction and Anthology† gives good insight into the Native American ways of life and how storytelling isRead MoreThe Oral Tradition Of Storytelling1510 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Lullaby†, the role of storytelling in her Native American culture seems to be a central theme and translates the oral tradition of storytelling into a written English essay. The narrator Ayah doesn’t tell her story to anyone in particular, but instead she reminiscences on a story that weaves her past memories and her present happenings through a series of associations, rather than in a set chronological order. In addition to the focus on the oral tradition of storytelling, Silko is concerned withRead MoreEssay on Sherman Alexie and Joy Harjo2018 Words   |  9 Pages It is well known that Native American cultures have been rich in oral traditions. Storytelling is but one aspect of that. Yet amongst the Native American poets covered in class there seem to be differing views of storytelling. Sherman Alexie looks at storytelling in How To Write the Great American Novel as that which has been stereotyped and mainstreamed into the dominant culture, while Joy Harjo seems to view storytelling in Deer Dancer as vital to the survival of culture. This essay willRead MoreStorytelling2552 Words   |  11 Pages Storytelling continues to be an integral part of Native American culture, providing us with an understanding of what was important to the Native Americans. Through their stories, Native Americans expressed an understanding of the environment, and the relationship that existed between themselves and their environment. These stories also provide us with a look at Native American legends, history, and a collection of knowledge critical to their survival. Native American stories are deeply rootedRead More Comparing Black Elk Speaks and The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven1679 Words   |  7 Pages   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Traditionally, Native American Literature has been an oral genre. Although Native American Literature was the first American literature created, it has been the last to be recognized -and, to some extent, is still waiting for full recognition ( With the Indian being forced to assimilate, their literature was forced to take on a written form. Although the traditional way of storytelling has changed, Native American Literature has survived. In its written form, it is being sharedRead More Native American Museum Essays1584 Words   |  7 PagesSmithsonians National Museum of the American Indian is a fascinating building at the Bowling Green area of Lower Manhattan. It’s close to Battery Park that displays an elegant view of the water. You can see ferries floating by headed towards Staten Island, since South Ferry Terminal is nearby. It allows you to appreciate the hidden gems of the city located in the outskirts Manhattan. One of those very treasur es is the museum mentioned previously. The Museum of the American Indian is directly in front ofRead MoreThe Effects Of Alcoholism On The Native American Population1098 Words   |  5 Pagesdrinks because of instances of domestic abuse or clinical depression versus a Native American alcoholic is that the average person’s alcoholism is symptomatic of individual experiences. Alcoholism among the native population is encouraged by overwhelming and uncontrollable outside cultural forces. This is all to say that when Louis writes about his recovery from alcoholism and the effects of the disease on the Native American population, he is reaching beyond the surface implications of excessive drinkRead MoreDeaf Perceptions Of The Deaf1510 Words   |  7 Pagessignificant language barrier between the American Deaf and their hearing counterparts. Though it is often thought to be nothing more than an elevated form of charades, American Sign Language (ASL) is a language like any other- not only with its own grammatical syntax, phonology, and morphology, but also in its compliance to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Created by Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf, the hypothesis exists in two degrees: weak and strong. The former claims that language shapes our thoughtsRead MoreBrooks And Mcnair (2009) Begin Their Essay By Pointing1203 Words   |  5 PagesAfrican American and written by African American authors. Several African American authors were rejected by publishers because their work did not fit the publisher’s idea of what an African American family should look like. One unfortunate example of this is when a publisher wanted the father to be edited out of a story written by an African American. The author had to fight for the right to keep the father in the story. Stories like this are common for African American authors. African Americans have

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Management and Business Managers - 1646 Words

Questions amp; Answers: Lecture 1: Managing IT in an E-World 1. Define the mean of Information Technology, and discuss how the management of IT has changed? 2. Discuss the main changes of recent IT trends? 3. The Information Technology trends offered new ways for competition and new ways of working- Explain that? 4. Discuss how the Information Technology offers new ways of business competition? 5. Discuss how the Information Technology offers new ways of working? 6. Differentiate and explain the advantages amp; disadvantages for them : Free Agents amp; Virtual Teams ? 7. What means by IS? What are the three assets of technology ( 3 IT recourse) ? 8. Explain how can manage the IT recourses in modern†¦show more content†¦Many retailers have used their Internet website to compete on cost. By offering sales transactions online, these businesses may decrease their expenses by eliminating physical stores, reducing holding inventory costs, and lowering the costs of individual transactions. Lowering costs also allows some retailers to bet ter compete on price—a â€Å"low cost† strategy. The Internet has also allowed some businesses to compete using differentiation. One example of using the Internet to compete on product/service differentiation is The LEGO Group’s â€Å"LEGO Factory† ( With downloadable software customers can design their own custom LEGO models, upload their designs over the Internet, and then purchase a custom set of LEGO blocks that can be used to physically build the pre-designed model. In this way, The LEGO Group differentiates their offerings from its competitors who do not offer custom block sets. 6. What three IT assets have been identified as more important in today’s Internet age, and why? [Note: The three assets are presented in Figure 1.2] (Hard Copy of this chapter/figure) Figure 1.2: Three IT Asset Technology Assets, Relationship Assets, and Human Assets must all be managed effectively by IT leaders in modern IT organizations. The Technology Assets are becoming more complex and businesses are increasinglyShow MoreRelatedBusiness Management : The Financial Manager Essay1277 Words   |  6 Pages2) Investment Decision: The financial manager is supposed to be able to decide between the most profitable investment portfolio that will reduce to exposure minimum the risk of finance and ensure maximum return to the enterprise owner(s). 3) Dividend Policy: The financial manager is responsible for deciding the dividend policy of the enterprise. In a small scale enterprise, the responsibility of the financial manager would include that of determining how to allocate the profit from the to the variousRead MoreManagement and Global Business Manager Essay2846 Words   |  12 Pagesconflicting perspectives regarding innovation management. d. listen to the different national perspectives and priorities, but minimize differences in views from multiple subsidiaries’ input. B 3. Which of the following does not enhance the efficiency of a local-for-local innovation process? a. Dispersing assets and resources to the subsidiaries and delegating decision-making authority regarding innovations to them. b. Assigning competent headquarter managers to lead development projects within aRead MoreTop Performing Property Management Business Development Manager1346 Words   |  6 PagesTOP PERFORMING PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER OFFERING A WELL-DEFINED UNDERSTANDING OF THE BUSINESS-TECHNOLOGY INTERFACE WITH A STRONG CAPACITY TO DRIVE BUSINESS r Designed a creative company profile video as a marketing tool for Auckland Property Management that won a Gold Award at the MCA-I Media Festival. r Conducted highly successful property management seminars with high-profile companies, including Gilligan Rowe, Westpac, BNZ, Kensington Swan, Davenports Harbour, RSM PrinceRead MoreWhy Project Managers Need to Understand Business Strategy and the Strategic Management Process?1708 Words   |  7 Pages1) Introduction This report is produced to study the importance of aligning Project Management with Business Strategy and Strategic Business Process. Fundamentally, all Project Managers must have full comprehension of the bigger picture of an organization Business Strategy and its functional level game plan. This would help them with project operational level decision making as well alignment of projects alignment with corporate mission. . The report will be giving general analysis of inter relevanceRead MoreReport On The Field Of Business Management Essay1217 Words   |  5 PagesOpportunities Within The Field Of Business Management Date: October 3, 2016 For: Incoming Students Subject: What Is Business Management All About? Introduction Business management is a very broad field of choice which gives people the opportunity to choose from many careers options. This particular field trains one for roles as managers in many sectors such as education, retail, technology and more. There are many skills one obtains from choosing business management as their major. People learn howRead MoreLevel Of Management : Top Managers Essay935 Words   |  4 PagesLevel of Management The level of management is important for people to learn how the businesses to operate and manage the companies. According to what I have learned in class and experienced in the life, there are three main levels of managers: Top managers, middle managers and first-line managers. Top Management Top managers make up the relatively small group of administrators who manage the overall company. And top managers are the most important managers because they are able toRead MoreManagement And Globalization Of Business818 Words   |  4 PagesManagement and Globalization University of the People Management has always played an important role in business. Managers are in place to guide employees, plan ahead for the business, and make important decisions financially and for the customers. In international business, however, management may take on a few more challenges and roles that are unique compared to the domestic market. This discussion will focus primarily on the impact of management in the globalization of business. InternationalRead MoreFunctional Areas of Business Essay1117 Words   |  5 PagesAnalyzing the functional areas of Management Adrean D.Thomas MGT/521 September 3, 2013 Dr. Machen Analyzing the functional areas of Management In all types of businesses (big or small), managers play a key role in the efficiency, profitability, and functionality of how the business meets its goals and successes. The purpose of managers are to oversee and coordinate the work of others. As managers, it is important that ensure that the business’ greatest resource, which are its employeesRead MoreBusiness Marketing Management : Business Management1077 Words   |  5 PagesGross Ms. Jessica Madinger Comp 101 C 9 November 2015 Business Marketing Management Outline Business has several majors to seek, such as: Accounting, Economics, Administration, Marketing, International business, Entrepreneurship, and lastly Management. A business degree has many of opportunities. This paper is going to specifically focus on Management which you can get a minor in marketing, which would be called marketing management. Management has several classes to can take, and several of careersRead MoreBusiness Management : Successful Competitive World Of Business971 Words   |  4 PagesBusiness management is defined as the act or practice of running a business. Managing is the process of monitoring, controlling, leading, organizing and planning. In the work world there are many opportunities for this major. The function of a business is to provide a service or product to consumers, generate employment opportunities thereby creating a prosperous financial future for the business and its stakeholders. Business management majors are taught to understand big and small business

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Honda Entry Into Us Market - 1529 Words

A. What role did economies of scale and experience curve play in Honda’s successful enrty into US market / motorcycle market? In the late 1950’s Honda contemplated a bold move: entering the motorbike market in the United States. Today, Honda is a dominant player in the US, selling a wide range of models in large numbers. But its start could not have been more improbable or less likely to succeed. It was only by staying flexible to an emerging understanding of what the problem and the opportunities were, that Honda succeeded in its long shot. Honda’s Native Success Honda had done well in its native Japan, leaping in a short amount of time to the number one position largely on the strength of its Super Cub model, which was based around†¦show more content†¦Emphasis on Market Share through advertising Honda was following a strategy of developing region by region. Over a period of four to five years they moved from the west coast of America to the east coast. The report showed the emphasis which Honda paid to advertising when the company spent heavily on the advertising theme you meet the nicest people on a Honda thereby disassociating themselves from the rowdy, hell s angels type of people. Essentially the BCG is portraying Honda as a firm dedicated to being a low cost producer, utilising its dominant position in Japan to force entry into the U.S market, redefining that market by putting up the nicest people image and exploiting its comparative advantage via aggressive advertising and pricing. Strenghs of Honda Specialisation of roles The strengths of Honda start with the roles that the founders played. Honda was an inventive genius with a large ego and a volatile temperament. His main concerns were not about the profitability of the company or its products, but rather to show his innovative ability by producing better engines. Fujisawa on the other hand thought about the financial section of the company and how to market the ideas. He often challenged Honda to come up with better engines. By specialising in their own abilities the two of them were able to pool together resources and function effectively as a team. PositiveShow MoreRelatedThe Honda Effect Case Study1579 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Honda is a Japan based company and is the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles as well as the world’s manufacturer of motor vehicles, producing more than 14 million internal motor vehicles each year. The Honda Motor Company was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1948. In 1959, he opened the American Honda Motor Company, so he could fulfil his dream of building a high performance motorcycle and marketing it globally. The discussion below briefly emphasises on the strategy used by Honda to gainRead MoreThe Honda Effect1627 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION The two reports are based on Honda’s entry onto the US. They are The BCG report, which was commissioned by the British government to investigate the decline of the British motorcycle industry, and the second report was recorded by Richard Pascale, which looked at Honda’s entry into the US Market. Honda is a Japan based company and is the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles as well as the world’s manufacturer of internal combustion engines (motor vehicles) producing moreRead MoreMarketing of Honda Motorcycles in the USA Essay1682 Words   |  7 PagesMarketing of Honda motorcycles in the USA The American Honda Motor Company was established as a subsidiary by Honda in 1959. During the 1960s the type of motorcycles brought by Americans underwent a major change. Motorcycle registrations increased by over 800,000 in five years from 1960. In the early 60s the major competitors were Haley - Davidson of U.S.A, BSA, Triumph and Norton of the UK and Motto - Guzzi of Italy. Harley-Davidson had the largest market share with sales in 1959 totallingRead MoreHarley Davidson Case Study1607 Words   |  7 Pages2013 Introduction Harley Davidson, established in 1903, is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the United States. While Harley Davidson dominates the moto market in the United States, it is very small compared to the international market which is infiltrated with large Japanese firms such as Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha who produce various categories of motorcycles. Harley Davidson has deep rooted brand equity in the United States and remains loyal in it’s style. It has also remainedRead MoreCase Study : Toyota s Joint Venture Essay1174 Words   |  5 Pagesof directors of the Hero Honda Group had decided to terminate the joint venture between Hero Group of India and Honda of Japan in a phased manner. The Hero Group would buy out the 26% stake of the Honda in JV Hero Honda. Under the joint venture Hero Group could not export to international markets (except Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) and the termination would mean that Hero Group can now export. Since the beginning, the Hero Group relied on their Japanese partner Honda for the technology in theirRead MoreCASE STUDY Essay1100 Words   |  5 Pagesidentify that LVMH could exploit? 4. Can this strategy be sustained? What would you recommend LVMH do? The Honda Motor company was founded by Shoichira Honda – a fiercely competitive, self-taught engineer and mechanic. Infamous for antics such as throwing a wrench and hitting a mechanic on the head, and stripping â€Å"to the buff† in front of employees prior to assembling an engine, Honda was a mechanical genius with a deep commitment to technological innovation. His passion for racing translatedRead MoreHarley Davidsons Study in Terms of Strategy Management1187 Words   |  5 Pagesevident since everybody knows that acquiring a Harley means much more than just having a motorbike. But let us go deeper in this. What is it understood by a Differentiation Strategy? Obeying to Michael Porter’s model, firms can follow two types of business strategies in order to fight against the competitive forces (threat to substitutes, buyer power, supplier power, rivalry and barriers to entry): †¢ Cost Leadership †¢ Differentiation While the first one is focused on offering the product at theRead MoreWhy Do Japanese Companies Go for Joint Ventures in India1230 Words   |  5 PagesKorean ones. Still, they often seek partnerships with local firms when entering the Indian market. Why? The president of Wipro, one of India’s largest information technology service companies, said, â€Å"If you want to make it in India, what you need is a local partner.† It is difficult for a foreign company to take care of everything on its own, from market research, land purchase and logistics to market The consensus among Japanese firms is that a joint venture with an Indian partner is a mustRead More Strategic Management at Honda Essay2534 Words   |  11 PagesStrategic Management at Honda 1. Firstly what is strategic management? It is the process of specifying an organization’s objectives, developing policies and plans to achieve these objectives, and allocating resources so as to implement the plans. Strategic management is usually performed by the highest level of managers in the company. A company’s strategy must be realistic enough for it to achieve it; hence it must make sure it has the right resources to be able to cope with the strategyRead MoreBusiness Report804 Words   |  4 PagesWe Have to Reduce Prices of Passenger Cars in Metropolitan China 1. Executive SUMMARY We found that there is a great potential demand in the family car market of China, cars that sell for under RMB 100, 000 yuan each enjoy the greatest popularity, and price is the main factor that directly influences consumer decision to buy. It is therefore necessary to reduce the price of cars. For this, we recommend that the manufacturing costs be reduced and, step by step, the average price of a family car

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Leadership for Conflict of

Question: Discuss about theLeadership for Conflict of Interest. Answer: The scandal of Enron was disclosed in 2001. The scandal of the company led the company to bankruptcy and Arthur Andersons dissolution remained among the largest five auditing and accounting firms globally (Hasso, Duncan, 2013). In the history of America this was the largest bankruptcy that is recorded and the scandal was the largest audit failure at that point of time. The complex structure of the industry was not known by much of the outsiders. Eventually the company was founded in the year 1985 and later in 1990s it became one of the most reputed company in the history of America (Coxe, 2016). In the initial stages of 2001 it was found that the companys financial position had been continued through many fraudulent activities of the system and it had been carried out in a creative way. The loss of the shareholders were over $11billion and the issues behind this have been found in the case study. The issues are as follows, Conflict of Interest Engaging with unethical accounting firm Unethical culture inside the organization Lack of transparency Lack of principled executives and senior managers It can be assumed that the companys hiring and firing system was directed to enhance fraudulent activities (Ng, 2008). The analysis of the case study is mainly based on the leadership approach and ethical issues while looking at the organizational structure of the company. The paper will also take a close look on the approaches of leadership through which the unethical issues are reduced inside the organizational environment. Findings Leadership Impact on the Workplace Culture of Enron Leadership has its impact on the workplace culture of Enron. Enron faced a major problem where lack of transparency took its place inside the environment of the organization ("Lack of transparency", 2013). The leaders of the company failed to make the status of the company transparent while the full concentration was in protecting the image of the company. The main acts of the leaders include trust and full disclosure of the business process to the employees. Here in the case of Enron the CEO of the Company told the employees and the stakeholders that the price of the stock would rise where actually he started to sell the stocks of the company. The stakeholders came to know that the CEO sold his part of stocks when bankruptcy took its place. Transparency in leadership theory carries the sign of trust and the leaders actually require to exercise morality and openness in all the actions those are taken inside the organization (Striebing, 2017). The major failure in the structure of Enr on was lack of transparency. Conflict of interest in the field of Enron was a major issue where the company faced all kinds of trouble to make the business continued. The main cause of the failure was lack of proper oversight of the company management (Tracy, 2014). The board of directors of Enron expected to work based on the interest of the shareholders. The shareholders were expected to guard the ethical code of the firm and this did not happen. In this scenario the boards failed the shareholders. The manipulation of the company in the field of financial account went unnoticed (Read, Mati, 2013). It happened because of the conflict of interest. With the help of the lawyers and accountants the leaders of the company was able to create subsidiaries. These companies were looked like they were in partnership with Enron and this helped the companies to sell all the assets of the company in the time of posting false earnings. Through the aspect of conflict of interest it was possible for the top officers of the co mpany to make benefits from the ventures of the business and this was questionable. This is so because the ventures always tend to drag the fund of the company and this was harmful for the company. In this cases the leaders were not ethical and effective where they should be. The acts of the leaders must be supported with moral intention while employing the competence. Engaging unethical accounting firms is another leadership impact in Enron. Arthur Anderson came into headlines after the bankruptcy of Enron (Altenburg, 2012). The accounting firm with whom the company was involved allowed massive accounting errors. The company actually made it possible for Enron to be engaged in financial manipulation in a continuous basis. It can be said that the employees of Anderson damaged the documents of the company and for which there are no evidence of employment for the employees. It actually represents a leadership approach which was ready to help the companys employees. In this case the leadership approach Anderson played were unethical. The moral standard of leadership in the accounting firms were low in comparison with the other approaches. The firm had to go through different stages of closure since the time the company had lost its credibility. The leaders in this case must be ethical while making any kinds of decision in the field of business. Ethica l leaders are supposed to think about the consequences of the actions through helping the company in fraudulent situations. The leadership approach in this case was unable to influence the value of ethics in this case and that is why the company had faced difficult situations (Ortmeier, Davis, 2012). The behaviors of the leaders were the main reasons behind all these. Lack of Principled Executives and Senior Managers The senior management is considered to be expected as the key factor of firm ethical culture. The set values of the company were not successfully implemented by the senior managers in the field of the business. That is the reason why Enron could not continue their business process in the field. Trust and ethics are the most crucial factors in the business scenario where the senior managers and the leaders must be ethical to control the employees of the business in proper mannerism (Chermack, 2011). If the trust and the ethics are lacked in this scenario then the followers of the leaders as in the employees will face difficult situation in the field. Unethical Culture Yes, the leadership of Enron shape the culture of the workplace. The culture of Enron was based on some important fact of individualism, relentless and innovation of profit. The ethical behaviors and the cultures of the company influenced the employees in many ways and they performed according to the culture and awards was given to the employees. The main motto of the culture is to encourage the employees to make profit for the organization. It can be said that the organizational process must be related with the cultures of the company which must be maintained effectively by the employees (Hiriyappa, 2009). The culture of Enron ensured that the culture and the performance evaluation of the company were rigorous and threatening to the employees of the company. The low level employees got fired and incentives were there for the senior level officer where the incentives should be for the stakeholders in order to give them the benefit accordingly. Poor organizational culture is the main reason for the organization failure. It is mainly based on the leadership approaches that the leaders or the managers take to control the organizational scenario. It is highly recommended that the importance of the ethical culture must not be underestimated (Mohamad, 2010). Discussion The major problems that led Enron to bankruptcy and collapse can be understood through different scenario of the case study. The organization actually lacked in the field of transparency among the stakeholders. There were conflict of interest among the company management and top executives. Arthur Anderson also played a big role in the fraudulent activities of Enron. The outside accounting and auditing firm helped Enron in manipulating the financial part of the company where the employees completely destroyed the documents of the company (Till, 2013). The management of the company and senior executives did not carry the principles of the leaders effectively. The organizations employees were rewarded for their performances where the culture of the company was encouraged as fraud. The culture of the company was risk taking where the intent was to make maximum profit out of it. It has been discussed earlier that the senior level managers were rewarded for their activities and the stakeh olders are neglected in providing the profits. This was against the culture of actual leadership where the company went against the ethics and principles ("Special Issue Leadership Journal: Indigenous Leadership", 2014). The actions were marked as downfall for the firm and everything was based on poor ethical strategies of the culture. Conclusion The case study has stated that if the ethics in leadership theory are not followed properly then the whole scenario of the organization breaks down. It has been witnessed in the case of Enron and it has been seen how the company went form the top to bottom in the company list. The analysis has shown that the company has many audit failure. The organization also got involved with fraudulent activities where the situation led Enron to bankruptcy. Lack of transparency, conflict of interest, unethical engagement of Arthur Anderson, poor organization and lack of principled leadership actually took the company in the most difficult situation. Unethical practice and fraudulent activities are the main two significance of the case study. Recommendation The outlined solution it can be assumed that avoiding unethical practice might have helped the company to avoid bankruptcy, audit failure etc. It is the responsibilities of the leaders where they must be ethical enough to avoid all fraudulent activities. It is their significance of working that can avoid all complicated situation inside the organizational environment in order to make flow of work continued. Fraud policy is the best option to detect all frauds inside the organizational environment. The policy could have made the management department more responsive and regular in the field. It could have also guide the management department of the company to take full responsibility for irregularities and misappropriation. Fraud policy is the only way to detect fraud activities inside the organizational environment. This can be considered as one of the greatest move in the organizational environment in order to make the whole scenario of the company ethical. The recommendation is to use fraud policies that does not allow any fraudulent activities in the field of business. It can be said fraud policies are the best way to handle the organization and it can increase the transparency and ethics of the leaders in effective ways. The fraud policies will also ensure that everybody in the organization will be responsible and principled. Implementation The fraud policies can be implemented by the management department of the company. It must be made public for all the employees of the company. There must be a background of the fraud policy based on which the company will implement the policy inside the structure of the company. It can be said the leaders and the managers of the company must come into play in this kind of situation and they must follow all the ethics and regulations of the company while implementing the fraud policy. The documents and the drafts must indicate the person for whom the reports are prepared. The authority of the organization must approve the fraud policy in order to make it effective in the organizational environment. It can be said that the fraud policies are the best option to remove all fraudulent activities inside the organizational environment but the policy must get its platform to be implemented. The policy actually indicates that the officers who will conduct in the process of investigation are the one who will actually be guilty in this case. This is how fraudulent activities can be implemented as recommendation. References Altenburg, A. (2012). Bankruptcy (1st ed.). New Brunswick, N.J.: New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education. Chermack, T. (2011). Scenario planning in organizations (1st ed.). San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler. Coxe, W. (2016). Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia and America to which are added, the conquest of Siberia, and the history of the transactions and commerce between Russia and China (1st ed.). Dinslaken: Andre? Hoffmann. Hasso, T., Duncan, K. (2013). Valuation of Family Firms: The Limitations of Accounting Information. Australian Accounting Review, 23(2), 135-150. Hiriyappa, B. (2009). Organizational behavior (1st ed.). New Delhi: New Age International. Lack of transparency. (2013). The Pharmaceutical Journal. Mohamad, S. (2010). Ethical Corporate Culture and Guidelines for Ethical Leadership. International Journal Of Trade, Economics And Finance, 1(2), 151-154. Ng, J. (2008). Dim sum leadership (1st ed.). Singapore: Jointly published by Armour Pub. and Meta Pte Ltd. Ortmeier, P., Davis, J. (2012). Police administration (1st ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. Read, J., Mati, E. (2013). Erectile Dysfunction and the Internet: Drug Company Manipulation of Public and Professional Opinion. Journal Of Sex Marital Therapy, 39(6), 541-559. Special Issue Leadership Journal: Indigenous Leadership. (2014). Leadership, 10(2), 263-265. Striebing, C. (2017). Professionalization and Voluntary Transparency Practices in Nonprofit Organizations. Nonprofit Management And Leadership. Till, H. (2013). The History of Financial Derivatives: A 2-Part Feature - Part 1: The Emergence and Development of Financial Derivatives Post-Bretton Woods. SSRN Electronic Journal. Tracy, B. (2014). Management (1st ed.). New York: AMACOM.

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The Field Study free essay sample

While I observe three different classes, I will be able to identify applications of the principles of learning in the teaching – learning process. My Performance (How I Will Be Rated) Field Study 2, Episode 1 – Principles of Learning Focused on: Application of the principles of learning in the teaching – learning process Tasks Exemplary 4 Superior 3 Satisfactory 2 Unsatisfactory 1 Observation/ Documentation All tasks were done with outstanding quality; work exceeds expectations All or nearly all tasks were done with high quality. Nearly all tasks were done with acceptable quality Fewer than half of tasks were done; or most objectives met but with poor quality My Analysis Analysis questions were answered completely; in depth answers; thoroughly grounded on theories Exemplary grammar and spelling Analysis questions were answered completely Clear connection with theories Grammar and spelling are superior Analysis questions were not answered completely Vaguely related to the theories Grammar and spelling acceptable Analysis questions were not answered Grammar and spelling unsatisfactory Task Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Unsatisfactory My Reflection Reflection statements are profound and clear, supported by experiences from the episode Reflection statements are clear, but not clearly supported by experiences from the episode Reflection statements are shallow, supported by experiences from the episode Reflection statements are unclear and shallow and are not supported by experiences from the episode My Portfolio Portfolio is complete, clear, well – organized and all supporting documentation are located in sections clearly designated Portfolio is complete, clear, well – organized and most supporting documentation are available and/or in logical and clearly marked locations Portfolio is incomplete; supporting documentation is organized but is lacking Portfolio has many lacking components; is unorganized and unclear Submission Before deadline On the deadline A day after the deadline Two days or more after the deadline Sub Totals Over – all Totals Rating: (Based on Transmutation) _____________ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­________________________ _______________________ Signature of FS Teacher above printed name Date Transmutation of score to grade/rating Score Grade Score Grade 20 1. We will write a custom essay sample on The Field Study or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 0 – 99 12 – 13 2. 50 81 18-19 1. 25 – 96 11 2. 75 78 17 1. 50 – 93 10 3. 00 75 16 1. 75 – 90 8 – 9 3. 50 – 72 and 15 2. 00 – 87 7 5. 00 – below 14 2. 25 – 84 My Map I will observe at least 3 different classes. Pay close attention to what the Resource Teacher does to teach and what the learners do to learn. To gut my Target, I will work my way through these steps: My Tool As I observe a class, I will use the Observation Sheet for a more focused observation. OBSERVATION SHEET Name of the Resource Teachers Observed: __________________________________ School Address: P. Bernardo Street, P. Tuazon, Quezon City Date: ______________ Grade/Year Level: ___________________________ Subject Area: _______________ Principles of Learning Teaching Of the Teacher/Learning Behavior of the Learner as Proof of the Application of the Principle of Learning 1. Leaning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is activated by the learner. Sample: 1. The teacher will ask questions regarding the topic through a recitation and sometimes the teacher will give follow up questions. 2. Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning and relevance of ideas. 2. The students will give importance to the things they learned. 3. Learning is a consequence of experience. 3. The teacher lets her students to experience the actual setting of the lesson. Most cases in skills subjects. 4. Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process. 4. The teacher will group the class and give them group activity. This will be given for them to work as a group. 5. Learning is an evolutionary process. 5. After the teacher taught the lesson to the students, in the near future by the help of some exercise and repetition. The learning will become natural to them. 6. Learning is sometimes a painful process. 6. Sometimes there will be a time when the teacher will accidentally humiliate you inside the class because of a wrong answer, or a bad attitude. 7. One of the richest resources for the learning is the learner himself. 7. The teacher will sometimes ask the students to do reporting in class. And with that the student will master at least one lesson in the opening class. 8. The process of learning is emotional as well as intellectual. 8. When the student has some personal problems, it will sometimes be a hindrance in the learning process. 9. The process of problem solving and learning are highly unique and individual. 9. The teacher will give some critical thinking questions in a way that the students will answer them differently. My Analysis 1. What is the impact of the Resource Teacher’s observance of these principles on the teaching – learning process and on the learners? _______The teacher will become more aware of the amount of learning the students acquire and will become more cautious in the things they teach. ___________________________________________________________ 2. Which learning principle was applied most? ________For me the most applied principle is â€Å"Learning is consequence of experience†. All of the students will learn will be used in real life situations. __ 3. What learning principle was applied least or not at all applied? ________For me the least principle is not applied â€Å"Learning is a consequence of experience. The learner will automatically experience what he will learn in class. 4. Do you agree with these principles of learning? Or have you discovered that they are not always correct? ________I agree with these principles of learning, because they all match the learning process that a child undergo. ________________________________________________________________ My Reflections My reflections on my observations of my Resource Teacher’s observance of these principles. Did my Resource Teachers adhere to these principles? ________The teachers should give importance to these principles to nourish the learning of the child to the fullest. They have to be always fully aware of the things they do their students whether they affect them unintentionally or intentionally. They have to give the students the learning they deserve in tproper way. Lesson I have learned from my observations on the classroom application of the principles of learning. ________The teachers should encourage and guide students for them to achieve and aim higher. The students, on the other hand, has to be motivated for them to excel in their own respective fields. ________________________________________________________________ My Portfolio Principles of Learning in My Own Words 1. Learning can be achieved by the students alone. 2. Learning must be pleasurable to students. 3. The best experience will be the best lesson. 4. Learning must be practical 5. Learning must also be experience 6. Learning in a hard way may not be useful 7. A student needs a friend to learn more 8. Experience is the best way to relate to students 9. They should experience good times always